Your Prosperity Leap is within your reach –
And it’s closer than you think.
Welcome to the Silverlining Success Academy,
a Mentorship and Mastermind Program specifically designed to propel you and your business into a whole new level of success and make the impact you were born to make! 
This program includes proven business strategies designed to transform your inefficient, exhausting business from traditional - hours for dollars model to an aligned business based on your unique value that attracts your ideal clients with ease and generates a leveraged stream of income. It's based on tried and true success strategies and processes that are guaranteed to drastically level up your business results. You will also get to mastermind with other like-minded passionate individuals who are experts at what they do. With all of our minds working together collectively we will all soar in life and in our businesses!   
The Silverlining Success Academy is for heart-centered entrepreneurs who are ready to: 
  •   set their business up for success with effective systems and processes
  •   align with their purpose and natural flow of running their business
  •   operate their business like an empowered CEO and inspired leader
  •   learn and implement effective business strategies to drastically increase their revenue
  •   get the accountability/peer and mentor support through our mastermind sessions and community they need to stay inspired and on track and full of expert ideas
  •   make a huge impact by sharing their unique gifts with the world
  •   create their dream business that is fulfilling, makes a difference and pays them generously  
Is this YOU? If so…keep reading! 

What will we do?

- First and foremost we’re going to have fun! This is an interactive experience that will provide you with actionable content to help you build your profitable dream business.
- There will be Monthly Success Projects that focus on areas of training based on proven success strategies and step by step processes that can easily be implemented into your business  

- We will have 2 Mastermind Group Calls with Q&A per month to help you implement what you are learning.

There will be a Private Facebook Community for support and for you to regularly connect with the other members for support, feedback and develop friendships and partnerships!

What will my success be?

This will depend on your level of commitment, your level of involvement and the action that you take in implementing what you are learning.  
My team and I are 100% committed to your success and will be there to support you along the way.

My clients that have followed the same process have doubled and even tripled their businesses, so can you…if you’re willing to do the work!
“Owning a business can be overwhelming. At times it’s easy to find yourself lost in the weeds, unable to step back and see the big picture. I understand this, which is why I hired Megan Tull as my business coach.

Through her Mentorship Program, she has helped me sort through my professional obstacles and establish a “what” and why” for my business once again. Specifically, Megan has been instrumental in helping me establish my fees and value of services that I offer. Within a 60 day period I was able to double my revenue. 

Her motivation and positive spirit are her natural born gifts. Her Mentorship Program is well thought out with topics ranging from having a healthy relationship with money to structuring a business for success. If you are ready to commit to yourself and work hard both mentally and physically, let Megan guide you in that transformation.”

~ NATALIE HOWE, CEO of Natalie Howe Designs
What does the Silverlining Success Academy include?
  • You will get access to the Silverlining Success Academy Private Membership Site where each month, you will get a new Success Project on essential areas to master in your business and "get things done" you'll get to work through these projects at your own pace. 
  • Within the training modules or "monthly success projects", there will be a combination of video, audio and written training lessons to utilize all your senses. 
  • You will get success tools and checklists to help you implement what you’ve learned, you'll also have full access to my high-converting sales funnels and email campaigns that you can just tweek and make your own. 
  • You get access to our Silverlining Success Academy VIP Lounge - Our Members-Only Facebook Community - for support, feedback and develop friendships and partnerships!
  • You will have Access to Previously Recorded Mastermind /Q&A Calls to help you get the answers to your questions and stay on track.
Here is what you'll learn in the Success Projects:

Welcome "Bonus"Project: Creating An Empowered Mindset and a Clear Vision for Your Business
  • Develop a healthy and empowering money mindset
  • Creating your successful CEO mindset- becoming an inspiring leader
  • Clarify your vision for your business and how to best serve your clients
  • Knowing your WHY, core values and priorities
Identifying Your Unique Transformation/Creating Your Valuable Offerings Success Project
  • Identifying your unique brand and how to stand out in the market place
  • Aligning your personal style into your business 
  • Clarifying your unique transformation and the solution you offer 
  • Creating your offerings and pricing your services to reflect your value 
  • Your product value ladder
  • Packaging your expertise into high-end programs and packages
Attracting Your Star Clients Success Project
  • Identifying and attracting your star clients - who do you want to work with?
  • What is your unique transformation - how will you help solve your star clients’ problems?
  • Where do your ideal star clients hang out?
  • Effective & Authentic Sales Conversations- Learn my S.E.R.V.E. Sales Success Formula to inspire your clients to say YES to working with you
  • Bonus training - overcoming objections - it's usually not a "no' it's a YES but... 
Building Your Success Systems Success Project
  • How to set up systems and processes in your business for high productivity and efficiency
  • Project Planning
  • Your efficient high converting marketing system
  • Your new client on-boarding process
  • Team member on-boarding process
  • Other areas to systemize 

Marketing Mojo Success Project
  • Aligned Marketing Strategies – Learn different ways to market your products and services that are aligned with your passion, values and unique style
  • List building techniques
  • Content and engagement marketing - sample email copy/campaigns
  • What is a marketing funnel?  and Creating an irresistible free gift offer
  • Megan share her high-converting marketing funnel with you, so all you have to do is tweek it and make it your own

Creating Work/Life Balance Success Project
  • Revisiting your priorities and values
  • Wheel of Life Exercise
  • Setting and honoring your boundaries
  • What is a marketing funnel?  and Creating an irresistible free gift offer
  • How to leverage your time in your business so you can enjoy your life

Spreading Your Message Out to the World Success Project
  • Positioning yourself as an expert in your industry
  • Conquering your FEAR of  public speaking 
  • Using speaking to build your business 
  • Creating your signature talk – key essential elements to include
Utilizing Social Media to Grow Your Reach and Your List Success Project
  • Social media options/strategies 
  • Optimizing your Linked In profile to attract you star clients and other juicy opportunities
  • Effective content marketing - Megan shares her email marketing campaigns with  you to model/tweak and make your own 
  • My Top Facebook Hacks 
Scaling Your Business for Optimal Success Project
  • Recycling your assets
  • Leveraging your time and expanding your reach
  • Building your power team 
Your Inspired Action Plan Success Project
  • Evolution of a Millionaire
  • Create Your Vision Map -bringing it all together in a succinct business plan
  • Learn exactly how to continue to build your multiple 6 figure or 7 figure income
  • Determine what to focus on day to day, week to week and month to month
  • Goal setting and getting strategies
  • Tracking tools/strategies to help you stay on track and implement training
Workshop Success Project
  • Discovering your brilliance
  • Your authentic workshop presentation
  • Your irresistible offer
  • Your workshop checklist - do's and don'ts of a successful workshop
  • Filling your event blueprint
  • Bonus training on How to host your own retreats
Leveraging Powerful Connections Success Project
  • Creating your top 100 list
  • Building strategic and referral partnerships- easily expand your market by tapping into your aligned partners network
  • Affiliate program options
Building Your Own Membership/Continuity Program Success Project
  • Who is your audience - your ideal star client for this program?
  • How do you want to serve them? Benefits of the program
  • Naming your program, pricing, timing
  • What are the features of your program
  • Setting up your marketing funnels and membership training portal
  • Strategies to attract your ideal star clients (traffic) to your program
Meet Your Expert Trainer/Mentor:

Megan Tull

Megan Tull is an Entrepreneur Success Strategist; an in-demand Certified Business and Life Coach, International Speaker and Transformational Leader; and the CEO and Founder of Silverlining Concepts, LLC, a business coaching and consulting firm that offers innovative and transformational programs and workshops for small to midsize companies.
Megan has been an entrepreneur for over twenty-five years and has assisted thousands of business professionals in reaching their personal and professional goals. She offers life-changing solutions to help business professionals who are struggling to get their desired desired results to re-design their business to reflect their true-self and unique value "their brilliance" so they can easily and authentically attract their ideal clients, make way more money and have way more fun! All while living an authentic, joyful life based on impacting the lives of others. 

Megan is the best-selling author of The Passion Belief Method - Own Your Value and Earn Your Worth in Business, she speaks nationally and has been featured in countless publications such as the Business Journals, The Huffington Post and on several TV stations and Radioshows. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her amazing husband and three awesome children.

Silverlining Success Academy Options

Option #1: $297.00/Month
Month by Month Membership

Option#2: Best Deal
 $2851.00 - 12 Month Membership
(Your Saving 20%!)

Bonus #1 - MP3 Recordings of all Mastermind Calls

Value: $1000

Bonus #2 - VIP Membership 40% off all Megan's Online Training Programs and 20% off One on One Programs or Live Events! (VIP Days, Workshops or Retreats) 

Value: Unlimited!

If this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, we can tell you that financially and spiritually it will be the best investment you’ve ever made – because it’s an investment in yourself!
The price for the Silverlining Success Academy will soon be going up. So, don't wait...jump in NOW!

We look forward to having you as a member in the Silverlining Success Academy.

To your Success,

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